Kathryn Ferguson

Short Film

Taking The Waters

Taking The Waters Trailer
UK, 18 mins

"Taking the Waters" is a short film about an eighty-year-old tidal pool in Margate, and the swimmers who find solace and community in her waters during these turbulent times.

When Walpole Bay Tidal Pool was built in 1937, Margate was one of the grandest resort towns in England. 80 years on, Margate's demographic has changed dramatically, and so has the way this vast sea pool is used and enjoyed. In this short, meditative film, filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson and writer Anna Hart explore the magical healing nature of the sea, and the value of a true community pool in uncertain times.

The film premiered at SHEFFIELD DOC FEST in June 2018 and longlisted for a the BAFTA short film award in 2020.

Film website www.takingthewatersfilms.com