Kathryn Ferguson


Action Women

Nike Action Women Film Series


One of two films from a series about the new female generation changing sport and society from Russia to the Middle East.

This film features Adelina Sotnikova (2014 Olympic figure skating champion), Ekaterina Izotova (champion boxer) and local Russian sportswomen.

These days female participation in both professional and recreational sport is on the rise, helping to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. This cultural sea change, although inspired by top athletes, is much more grassroots in nature, with a new generation of women not only from Russia but also from other central and eastern European countries and across the Middle East embracing more active, healthier lifestyles and encouraging others to do the same. The women in these regions — from Turkey, Poland, the UAE, Oman and Russia, to name just a few countries — are overcoming social, political and religious barriers to assert their right to sporting life and by doing so breaking taboos and defying traditional gender stereotypes. From Moscow to Muscat, the examples of ordinary women breaking the mould abound.

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